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Our Responsibility

Being an environmentally conscious company is continuous: we learn, do better, and affect change.

And as a manufacturing company, we are acutely aware of the potential impact on our natural environment and the responsibility—and pride—in minimizing that impact. Our awareness stems partly from the privilege of working and living in a part of our country abundant in natural resources and from great respect for those resources.

We strive to reduce and, eventually, eliminate the environmental impact of our manufacturing process.

From selecting our vendors and partners to our materials to reducing energy consumption, the steps we take to ensure the sustainability of resources are deep-seated in every step of how we create and build furniture.

In the beginning, a simple student desk was reimagined: built out of a barn in the May Valley, outside Issaquah, envisioning the desks as places to sit, learn, and grow

Our customer base grew and we moved from the barn into the Kent Valley, where we expanded our line of products

Customers asked for non-standard pieces, handing us drawings on napkins or describing what they wanted. Our response: Why not? 

Locally owned and operated, Makr prides itself in best in class production lead times and exceptional design. With us, local means local. All American products made with American labor

We’ve never lost sight of our roots and what it takes to build quality furniture: understanding and caring for our customers. That same care goes into making every piece that goes from our studio to your workspace

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