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In addition to our TFL, these finishes are available in HPL upon request. We carry matching edge banding for all our laminates.

Hardrock Maple
Kensington Maple
Wild Cherry
Grey Elm
Fawn Cypress
Walnut Heights
Studio Teak
Graphite Nebula
Grey Nebula
Fog Grey
Absolute Acajou
Skyline Walnut

Makr works with all major high pressure laminate manufacturers allowing us to source an extensive range of finishes. Below you will find our most popular finishes. Lead times vary based on material availability.

Frosty White
White Marker Board
Gesso Tracery
Silicon EV
Classic Linen
Italian Silver Ash
High Line
Monticello Maple
Fonthill Pear
Natural Recon
River Cherry
Pinnacle Walnut
Brighton Walnut
Biltmore Cherry
Buka Bark
Salem Chestnut
Diagonal Amber Chestnut
Sterling Ash
Carbon EV

Call or email for HPL prices.

FENIX NTM® is an innovative material created for a range of vertical and horizontal interior design applications: hospitality, healthcare, education, transportation, and furniture. The FENIX NTM® surface is extremely matt with low-light reflectivity, soft to the touch and is anti-fingerprint. With the infusion of nanotechnology, FENIX® materials are highly resistant to scratches, abrasion, dry heat, acid-based solvents and household reagents. Thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches is also possible. The material offers unique characteristics and solutions not found with any other surface on the market today

Anti Fingerprint
Easy To Clean
Impact Resistant
Low Light Reflectivity
Resistance To Heat
Soft To Touch
Thermal Healing of Scratches
Bianco Kos
Grigio Antrim
Blu Fes
Nero Ingo

Butcher block uses edge-grain construction made by laminating wood rails side-by-side. Edge-grain is used instead of cheaper blended grain for a premium look. Makr butcher block is made from full length staves of Hard Maple with a 1-1/2" thickness. The multi-colored wood strips provide an especially clean look of continuity. Butcher block can be used in a plethora of commercial and educational settings, specifically for a school environment with a focus on career and technical courses. Although Hard Maple is our standard butcher block, we can source any type of butcher block to suit your needs.

Solid Surface is an advanced composite product used as an architectural and design material in a variety of residential and commercial applications. Corian® Solid Surface offers design versatility, functionality and durability. Supplied in sheets and shapes, it can be fabricated with conventional woodworking tools into virtually any design. Flexible when heated, solid surface can be thermoformed into many shapes or worked like wood to create perfectly rounded edges and smooth curves.

Easy to Clean
Non Porous
Glacier White
White Onyx
Neutral Concrete
Silver Gray
Cosmos Prima


Our standard fabrics can be used for cushions, dividers and tack boards. We have
access to almost any fabric or material — just ask!

Desert Sand
Silver Papier
Grey Mix
Medium Grey


We believe you should get the furniture you want, built exactly to your needs. That’s why we continue offering infinitely customizable options and features in all of our furniture lines. Our designers work with you to create furniture with your choice of color, texture, shape, and size.

Small Bow Pull -NIckel
Bow Pull- Black
Bow Pull-Nickel
Wire Pull -Nickel
Wire Pull -Black
Wire Pull -Chrome
Inside Rounded Pull
Contemporary Metal Pull
Curved Bar Pull – Black
Curved Bar Pull -NIckel
Waterfall Pull -Nickel
T Pull -Nickel
Rounded Edge Pull -Matte Nickel
Rounded Edge Pull -Matte Black

Premium Pulls are $22 per pull.


We offer a wide variety of metal legs choices. These legs can be customized for color and finish.

Single Column Base
Dual Column Base
Pedestal Disk Base
Square Base
Heavy Weight Base
Aluminum Series Double Column Base
Aluminum X Base
Aluminum Series T Base
Arch Single Column Base
Arch Double Column Base
Arch X Base
A Leg
Bent Leg
Double Bent Leg
Round Leg
Square Leg
Aluminum Series Post Leg
Arch Series Single Column
Standard Height Parson Frame
Bar Height Parson Frame
Counter Height Parson Frame


All of our standard colors have matching edge banding. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide six types of materials for our edges, wood, 3mm PVC, PVC tape, self-edge (HPL), water based stained MDF, and Apple Ply. The width of our edge banding ranges from 3/4"-2". We have access to an extensive catalog of colors and textures for edge banding in addition to our standard colors.

Square Sealed MDF
2mm Square
Square Apple Ply
Banded Knife Edge
Apple Ply Knife Edge
MDF Knife Edge
Apple Ply Taper
MDF Taper